Pick any newspaper. We are 100% confident there’s a major story today – the day you’re taking this quiz – that will snap into focus if you understand how ownership really works. How can we be so sure? Ownership invisibly shapes every day of our lives. Every minute! Whether you stand at the front of the line or the back. It’s where you live, what you drive, and what you watch. Hundreds of times a day, you encounter the ownership rules that decide who gets what.

Here’s the thing. Businesses and governments use ownership like a remote control. They choose the rule that steers you invisibly and powerfully to do what they want. But ownership is always up for grabs – far more than most of us realize. If there is one lesson we you to take away from this quiz, it’s that what’s “mine” is not something fixed or natural. Ownership is a choice, and if you’re not the one choosing then someone else is choosing for you.

While the stakes of ownership are high, the stakes for the quiz are low. The seven questions reflect familiar situations from everyday life. You can answer them in less than five minutes. There are no wrong answers. We score the questions so you can see how familiar you are with the hidden rules of ownership that steer your life.